Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bar Louie Midtown Miami

Bar Louie Midtown Miami
3201 N Miami Ave

The decor is cute: environment reads relaxed, hip but grown up, sports bar vibe with low lighting and crowd was a mixture of people from various age groups from around Miami. I don’t mind too much for decor, my concern is food and alcohol.

I came in to Bar Louie on a Tuesday Night, located on the ground level of the midtown shops in Miami, FL. They have an awesome deal dollar burger Tuesdays. The burger itself was tasty, portion size decent, and it wasn’t too greasy. Each topping is an extra charge, the burger was good and good value but I am going to try their chicken wings next time. The men's bathroom was clean, which is a surprise. What was lacking for me was the drinks they were weak, I been to other bars in high density areas with similar price points but healthier amounts of liquor.

This place is great to go with a group of friends have beers, watch sports on tv or go on an informal date with your spouse or friend who happens to frequent or live in surrounding area. If you are looking for a good value on your liquor consumption look elsewhere.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tomasa Corporation


Venezuelan Restaurant in Doral, FL 
5401 NW 79th Ave, Doral FL , 33166. 
ph. 308-781-8078 

I came in to this restaurant because I had a coupon from but apparently the business has closed and it's now a new owner/name. I was unable to use my coupon. 

In the spirit of trying new places and keeping positive attitude(s), I decided to order lunch anyway. 

There bar area where I sat for my to go order is clean. I did not ask waitress for the price because I thought it would be under 10.00. 

All I wanted was (1) cachapa.  I am surprised, when I see my bill that it's this expensive for a corn tortilla stuffed with cheese. 

When my to go order comes, I look at it and I am disgusted that it comes with an excessive amount of meat as a side. I am not vegetarian and I do eat meat, but jesus Christ it was more than 6 oz of meat next to my cachapa -- that's just gross.

I ate like 1/3 of the meat served, which was dry and hard. The rest of the meat or majority of the meat went in the garbage. The cachapa was good but I had better. 

I will not be coming back to this restaurant ever again due to over-priced mediocre food. 


Piola South Beach

Piola South Beach, 1625 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL, 33139.

This pizza place is 1 minute walking south bound from Regal Cinema in Lincoln Road Mall. 

I thought the pizza would be good since this place always has patrons inside at all hours of the day. I was wrong, and my friend also thought the pizza was not as expected. 

Dine in- environment is casual, and price for drinks and food is on the lower end. But due to it being Lincoln Road, I expected it to be more expensive and higher quality of food.

The pizza was hot and ingredients are fresh but pizza-bread was not hard it was soft and soggy, the pizza needed more time in the oven. 

On the plus side, the waiter did bring me and my guest free shots to try, and the shots were awesome. 

Verdict: I won't be coming here for food.
However, $5.00 for a beer and great shots, and casual environment. This place is great for friends to meet up, for a casual date, or for locals and tourists to create new friendships. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

cream of brocolli soup

There are not alot of things that I am proud of regarding my Cuban-culture, for example the negative stigma that all Cubans are loud and crazy. 

However, some things in the Cuban diet, I like alot. For instance, Cream of Malanga soup. I do my own spin and add Broccoli. Although it is high in calories, it is high in other nutrients like potassium, Protein, Thiamine, and contains other nutrients in smaller levels. 

This recipe is great if you have the flu, for someone who is elderly and/or anyone who has a compromised immune system, or anyone who likes soups in their diet. Notice, I don't add salt to my soup because I like to use little to no salt in my cooking for health reasons. But, if you are a salt lover, add more salt. 

(3) stalks of broccoli
2 chicken drumsticks 
1 orange halved
1 tablespoon of Olive oil 
2 large piece of Malanga
a sprinkle of oregano 
a sprinkle of onion powder   

Put all ingredients in a pot of water, slow cook to produce chicken stock water.Tip regarding malanga: cut Malanga pieces small so they cook faster- save time and electricity.
Open the lid and pierce with a fork your Malanga and broccoli- when its very soft it is done. 
Pierce with a fork your chicken to see if it is cooked well. 
Once you determined that everything is cooked well, turn off your appliance. 
Remove chicken, and orange from pot. 
Dump remaining contents in pot into blender, do this while the contents are hot so that you waste less time and it mixes faster, and blend to your desired consistency. I add a splash of milk to the soup, if I want it to be less thick. You can make your own roux sauce, if you prefer your soup to be a little on the thick side. 

You must transfer the water from your pot into your blender, for your soup. Broccoli is a water nutrient food, if you dump the water, you just threw away money and nutrients.  

You can also separate meat from bones and put the meat in blender for a protein high soup. Sometimes I put the meat of one small drumstick, but no more then that, I am not a fan of the taste of chicken in this kind of soup.

When I serve the soup, I like to place some croutons on the top of my soup to add a crunch factor and a hint of pepper. 

You can also, use old french bread that is three days old,  that has hardened, you cut it up in pieces, and use them as croutons for your soup. Save money and recycle things for something else :) 

Sources for Malanga nutritional value that I pulled randomly from online sites, I have no affiliation, relationship at all to the links below. I literally put Malanga nutritional facts in Google and copied and pasted some links for further references.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Natural Chicken Grill Food Review

I purchased a groupon to visit this place I never been to Natural Chicken Grill in Doral, FL.
The groupon cost me 5 dollars for 10.00 of credit and the difference of what I paid after I presented my voucher was 5.60, in total I paid 10.60 for alot of food that was not even tasty.

I think they charge you extra for toppings on your rice bowl, like for every topping its a surcharge. I was not aware of this, since its not posted on the menu and they didn’t let me know, or its possible that they charged me for beans because I was using a groupon deal. I am prettty sure that the beans are included in the price on the menu. They charged me twice. I was willing to pay for taxes since most deals do not include taxes. However, 0.70 cents of taxes does not equal 3.00 for a double charge in beans that is already included in the price on the menu.

They do provide you with a large quantity of food, however, the quality of food is terrible. The vegetables are okay at best, the churrasco was dry, the tomatoes were not firm, and it didn’t taste like anything; the food was lacking in salt and pepper. I felt completed cheated out of my groupon deal and wasted my time driving here to buy lunch. I will never come here again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Asian Garden, Chinese + Sushi Restaurant Review

Asian Garden, Chinese Food & Sushi Bar
A Sushi place in Hialeah is extremely rare: this is the only restaurant serving sushi in this progressive zip code but relax Hialeah’s finest citizens, there size portions and low prices will make you happy.
            Asian Garden is next to a gas station, very classy. The expected tacky décor, I can do without. Envision yourself inside a small cafeteria, cheap tables, pronounced bar, ugly tiles, pictures of food selections on the wall (it reminds me of a fast food place, can I get the number two?) it’s discouraging. Don’t be alarmed the quality of food, taste, size portions, and excellent customer service make up for the tacky décor of choice.
            I came with a local friend, she suggested this place and informed me that they recently opened. The food was okay and meal portion size great. However, I would not drive out of my way to come here. But, if I lived or worked in area then, I would for sure come here to satiate Chinese/Sushi needs.
            Support your local small business.The pricing is just right lunch combos start at 4.95, it’s a great place to try if you live or work in area.

Asian Garden
2451 W 68 ST
Hialeah, FL, 33016
Tel. 305.558.3933

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mint Leaf Restaurant Review

I invited Mom, Aunt and Best Friend to go Indian in a bougey-restaurant in Brickell, Mint Leaf. My Aunt and Mom hated it because it's not Cuban Food and it's too spicy but they were partially won over by desert. Funniest part is I got to enjoy their food as to go lunch for the following day.

Food: I loved my dish. The lamb was spicy and sauce was great pair with plain white rice. My aunt's dish mahi-mahi was good but I prefer not to have it soaking in sauce. I was seduced by my best friend's vegetarian plate, it was hearty, spicy, and comforting.

Service: Waitress wanted us to leave because members of my family where unfamiliar with menu. The other guy who works at coral gables location was nice and helpful to us and resolved the burden for "Miss. Thang".

Final Verdict: Food taste, presentation and environment=win. Great for romantic dinner for two or  group. Parking is an issue, allow yourself 20 minutes to hustle for it. Dress up this place is classy, you can wear jeans but make sure something in your outfit is classy + upscale, you want to match the ambiance of restaurant and neighboring area.