Thursday, June 28, 2012

Re: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Movie Review

Director Rupert Sanders and stars in this movie, Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart.
A remix is evident, when an un-expected “hot mess” happens to be Snow White’s true love and savior from the famous culprit apple-spell. The huntsman plays a vital role in helping Snow reach her potential as a woman and fighter of justice. Also, the Dwarves help Snow and serve as an example of how this film remains true to the conventional version.

I’m not going to lie some parts in the movie reeked of cheese and I can do without. Particularly, all the places she went to hide out, you kind of knew that she wasn’t safe but I’m guilty of being a sucker for fairy-tale stories.

Among the many positive messages in the film, the two that cheer out loudly, are girls can do anything, if not better than men and true love is closer than you think (silly rabbit). 

This film celebrates girl power and packages them as two-attractive juicy-cheeseburgers ready to be had; Snow White, one ambitious-crazy-devoted to community service projects and, the other character, Evil Witch, selfishly devoted to crushing others for entertainment and personal needs. Furthermore, most of the graphics of the Evil-Witch are a win!

Snow White and the Huntsmen give birth to a modern interpretation of the original tale, ideal for today’s youth imprisoned in a fast-paced, time managed, and image obsessed culture that sometimes teach us to live within pre-confined ideals that are stupid.

This film rescues many singles and divorced people in the sense that it reminds us that sometimes the unexpected or unnoticed person around is the right “guy” or “girl” you’re silly little heart was looking for and that happily ever afters are possible.