Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Common Problems in Job Searching in Miami, FL

I am Native to Miami, FL and here we all know, the rookie hustlers and professional hustlers are readily available as cuban coffe can be poured here.
I show up to my job interview about 15 minutes early, at Williamson Cadillac, located at 7815 SW 104th St, neighboring Dadeland-Mall.
The person conducting the interview is discussing the details of the car sales position, when he suddenly throws this bomb at me from left field: that I have to pay 650 or something dollars, almost 700.00 upfront for training materials.

His argument: because “the Company, wants to know that you are serious about this opportunity”. He told me the dealership would reimburse the money, I asked him if this was in writing, and then opted out of this opportunity like spam mail.

I told him, I was not willing to pay because, in Florida, people are crazy and they want to take your money. I left offended, because the receptionist should have told me this detail over the phone. Had I known, I would have stayed home and continued my job search online, saved gas and time instead of pursuing shady “opportunities”?

Keep in mind, we live in the state of Florida, which is the “at-will state” at any moment in time, your employer or you can decide to quit the commitment with no legal or, other penalties, why would I invest my money in some sort of job training, when I live in a state with this kind of law?

I have been unemployed for more than a year and a half now, I have been looking for employment aggressively, and in matters of looking for a job it is a job.

I always ask questions before going to interviews, like for example, “is this job permanent or temporary?”, “is this job full time or part time”? , “how is the work environment and job duties like”, and “how much does it pay on average”?

Most employers are happy to answer your questions and concerns, however, you will run in to some “Weirdos”, prime example, Lexus of North Miami, when they called me for an interview, they completely evaded my question all together, about pay over the phone. Some guy named Jean said, “well I don’t mean to be evasive but the pay it all depends, so I can’t tell you..” what kind of an answer is that?
I’m thinking either, these people are over worked, not enthusiastic about their job anymore, just really don’t care about their performance at work, or not interested in me enough and so, brings me to the conclusion, why would I want to work for a company who have these or other unknown problems? 

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  1. I really enjoy the blog and the aesthetics you employ with the background and foreground and great positioning of the content.

    It is hard to gauge salary on phone since sometimes it could pigeon hole you into a range prematurely or sometimes it is the reason you go forward or cease.

    As far as that scam, news to my ears about it. It sounds close to this web forum question:

    It is always to err in caution when paying upfront costs for a job since most would be pay for training and testing or allow a period when you need to pass certain test or registration.

    Good luck on your search, use every tool you have and continue with your blog. Blogging and social media is a great freelancer job or possible permanent position, if you bring in tons of traffic to your content and gauge a big audience.