Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boys Scouts hate gays

Boys Scouts of America (BSA): Won’t accept Gays ?

“One thing I think People are missing is that BSA is a business. They did an internal review and realized that their stakeholder want this ban, and in fact appear to be proud of the ban. That’s business”.  –Tony Plakas

The Boy Scouts of America are an evil business and as consumers we should all turn our wallets away from them for their audacious behavior.
Gideon Grudo is a writer for the South Florida Gay News, and wrote an article that touches the subject of gay hate in the boys scouts entitled, “Scouts Won’t accept gays even though they could”, which can be found in print and online form:,  July 25,2012 volume 3 issue 30.

I thought this organization was supposed to teach little boys how to be leaders of tomorrow. Do we as a country really want to teach hate or ignorance to our small ones that will be our leaders of tomorrow?

Parents please conduct research on the company that you are enrolling your kids into for their extra curricular and social development needs, to ensure you are not exposing your children to hate messages and outdated agendas.

Bare in mind, that gay boy that sits in the back of your son's or daughter's classroom could tomorrow be your heterosexual child's best friend and support system for tomorrows problems-when you are gone.