Sunday, March 23, 2014

Natural Chicken Grill Food Review

I purchased a groupon to visit this place I never been to Natural Chicken Grill in Doral, FL.
The groupon cost me 5 dollars for 10.00 of credit and the difference of what I paid after I presented my voucher was 5.60, in total I paid 10.60 for alot of food that was not even tasty.

I think they charge you extra for toppings on your rice bowl, like for every topping its a surcharge. I was not aware of this, since its not posted on the menu and they didn’t let me know, or its possible that they charged me for beans because I was using a groupon deal. I am prettty sure that the beans are included in the price on the menu. They charged me twice. I was willing to pay for taxes since most deals do not include taxes. However, 0.70 cents of taxes does not equal 3.00 for a double charge in beans that is already included in the price on the menu.

They do provide you with a large quantity of food, however, the quality of food is terrible. The vegetables are okay at best, the churrasco was dry, the tomatoes were not firm, and it didn’t taste like anything; the food was lacking in salt and pepper. I felt completed cheated out of my groupon deal and wasted my time driving here to buy lunch. I will never come here again.