Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tomasa Corporation


Venezuelan Restaurant in Doral, FL 
5401 NW 79th Ave, Doral FL , 33166. 
ph. 308-781-8078 

I came in to this restaurant because I had a coupon from but apparently the business has closed and it's now a new owner/name. I was unable to use my coupon. 

In the spirit of trying new places and keeping positive attitude(s), I decided to order lunch anyway. 

There bar area where I sat for my to go order is clean. I did not ask waitress for the price because I thought it would be under 10.00. 

All I wanted was (1) cachapa.  I am surprised, when I see my bill that it's this expensive for a corn tortilla stuffed with cheese. 

When my to go order comes, I look at it and I am disgusted that it comes with an excessive amount of meat as a side. I am not vegetarian and I do eat meat, but jesus Christ it was more than 6 oz of meat next to my cachapa -- that's just gross.

I ate like 1/3 of the meat served, which was dry and hard. The rest of the meat or majority of the meat went in the garbage. The cachapa was good but I had better. 

I will not be coming back to this restaurant ever again due to over-priced mediocre food. 


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